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Steve Jobs

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‘Art-vertising’: Iconic Ads That Pop

Since the emergence of Pop- Art as we know it, artists have been collaborating with commercial brands for their artworks. The portrayal of brands through the media and its influence on pop-culture is an underlying theme throughout pop-art history. Some artists have been more successful than others in harnessing this power and in the process have created some of art’s most instantly recognisable and iconic pieces. In 1985, Warhol became the first artist commissioned to create a portrait of the Absolut Vodka bottle in what would become one of the most successful advertising campaigns. Britto would later follow in his footsteps in 1995 for the famous vodka brand as well. Just one year later, Sir Peter Blake began his long-standing relationship with The Macallan, who designed the label which adorned the first 12 bottles of the highly collectable Macallan 1926, bottled back in 1986. View Blake’s 80th birthday commemorative collection here. Skip forward a couple decades to the historical US Presidential Elections of 2008, when the first African American, Barack Obama was elected President. The Barack Obama “Hope” poster is an image of Barack Obama designed by “OBEY” artist Shepard Fairey. Britto scored with FIFA World Cup 2014 and his deal with Hublot in their latest campaign featuring iconic Soccer legends throughout history. He is not the first, and certainly won’t be the last!

Balance, Life & Style

ENJOY, The Difference Of CHI. “Blocks of vibrant colour are used to contrast the clean white walls... Every apartment is filled with modern art prints, soft furnishings and chic design features” The Damien Hirst ‘Souls’ Collection embodies CHI’s design elements to a tee. Stark contrasts on white backgrounds are the cornerstone of the collection. BALANCE your apartments with these unique, and colourful choices. Your guests will ENJOY this difference and remember your attention to detail. DISCOVER the ‘Soul’ of your guests and make their stay a memorable one.