Alicia Torres

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I'm Alicia, welcome to the conversation.

I am a Digital Strategist specializing in conversation design and intent architecture for AI-powered platforms. I have a passion for universal design with the purpose of creating an inclusive user-centered experience for today's population.

Amelia is a AI-powered chatbot designed to help Allstate employees by answering questions via an instant message platform on their desktops.
Bank of America presents "Erica", the AI who is a powerfully personal financial assistant. Erica confidently leads customers through their finances. She diligently works to provide guidance and help customers achieve their goals.
Conversational translation of complex processes
Vague intent architecture flow
Exploration of related intents

In my career, I found that the best people are the ones that really understand the content. And they’re a pain in the butt to manage! But you put up with it because they’re so great at the content. And that’s what makes great products.It’s not process, it’s content.

Steve Jobs