Conversation Design Lead & Product Owner for the HRDA at Honeywell

The HR Help Digital Assistant (HRDA) answers your HR questions and helps you complete daily tasks so you can get back to your "real job".  Whether you're looking for a missing paycheck or need to complete your annual goals, we can help. 

DA responses based on degree of confidence (No idea -> Certain)
Metadata solution for adding similar content requiring specific answers for different countries

Facebook Onboarding Reimagined

Exploratory redesign of Facebook's onboarding experience using a digital assistant

Onboarding to the Facebook Groups App

Conversation Designer for Amelia at Allstate

Amelia is an AI-powered chatbot designed to help Allstate employees by answering questions via an instant message platform on their desktops.

Editorial Designer for Erica at Bank of America

Bank of America's "Erica", the AI who is a powerfully personal financial assistant. Erica confidently leads customers through their finances. She diligently works to provide guidance and help customers achieve their goals.

Image of a woman looking at her phone with a mobile phone screen to the right showing a conversation with a digital assistant